Blue, green, gray Tara Quartz

In Tibetan tradition, there is a Green Tara and a White Tara with Green Tara protecting Earth and White Tara protecting long life and peace.  Tara, whose name means "star", is further the equivalent of a female Buddha.  Now, this crystal is blue not green, and she feels like a different aspect of Earth - the oceans.  Earth is more ocean than land, so it's particularly suiting that Blue Tara also represents the Earth. 


Cradle these Spirits in a hand and immediately, you will feel yourself surrounded by a halo of energy and there will be a fragrance, somewhat like lily-of-the-valley; sweet, clear and heady.  In her, is love and compassion, understanding and knowing.  She clears away pretense and pain, opening your heart and your mind to her protection and guidance.  It is said that Green Tara offered protection to those incarcerated during the Chinese occupation of Tibet; her manifestors project that protection, beginning within and ending in a "force field" around her.  Blue Tara offers protection to the Oceans and those born of the Water Signs.  The Celts also have a Tara, the Fins have Tar, the Egyptians, Ishtar and the Cheyenne have Star Woman - all Tara.  She is all cultures, all races and all women.  Work with her in celebration of peace, protection and all that is life and life-giving - she is astounding!