Mozambique Lemurians The absolute highlight of my buying trip this past trip was the “Moz” … these have been virtually extinct from the market for years and finally, a very small pocket has been discovered.  I was elated as these are the most incredible Lemurians ever!

My friend, Deb, introduced me to Mozambique Lemurians and it’s been a love-affair ever since!   When I got my first one, she was also coated with a white film that didn't wash off, but once she was activated, she cleared rapidly and shows no trace of it now.  In working with these Spirits, I have to be careful not to go too deeply with each so that the new Keeper can have the pleasure of activation and witnessing the transformation.  Unlike the Pink and Russian Lemurians, the Mozambiques would not win beauty contests.  They have a much more ancient feel and a much more rugged look.  Typically, they are dinged and scarred, but their energies are so huge that it doesn’t matter.  I have even seen one that were split in two and missing the back ... and yet they filled with light and glowed with energy.  They carry the highest vibrations of the quartz family and even more than phenacite and petalite.  Bottom line, to work with a Mozambique Lemurian is to surrender your life to Spiritual evolution and your Higher Self.  They are capable of catalyzing great change, hence the nickname “Soul Shepherd”.