Kullu Rosie Quartz

When I saw these on the table at my suppliers, I gasped – these are amazing quartz!  Each is part of a new find from the Kullu Pass in Northern India, Gateway to the Himalayans and home to many temples.  The rose color comes from hematite (similar to the Brazilian Rosies) and not from titanium as true rose quartz does.  But look at these crystals and tell me that they are not rose! Beyond the color, which is a rich and luscious rose, each is strangely configured and exceedingly intricate – no real faces, but yet thousands of them – and elestial!  They are ridged, etched and pocked (nooks and crannies) like the changeling, but not quite.  Sometmes the “terminations” are joint-like in the sense that it is like a rounded “cap” while others are rather like mountain peaks.  I am told that this formation is called “convoluted” and “growth interference”.  Neither describes the utter beauty that I see when I look at these Spirits!  And generally, each is just loaded with trigonic record keepers. The sides are matte finish and they truly glow with a special kind of light – ethereal and sacred. 

Like their cousin, the Brazilian Rosie, the Kullu Rosie is exceedingly special.  One thing I noted is how wide the heart opened … divine love and compassion were unleashed and it was at that moment I knew that there was an open channel to the Angelic Realm; I felt the presence of angels and heard a flutter of angel wings among their sweet songs.  Each has a guardian Spirit and huge channeling energies, enabling you to speak to the angels directly in a perfect connection made possible, only because your heart was fully open.  It is said that trigonic record keepers are for a Keeper dealing with life and death issues – in other words, coming into a full understanding of the continuum of All That Is.  The fact that these crystas are full of them means that their Keeper is ready for such a bridge and the important lessons that the Angelic Realm can facilitate.  In using these Spirits as a tool, you are aware of the lessons of the Trinity – body, mind Spirit: child, adult, elder; birth, life and death … all must be taken in perspective in order to understand the lessons.  These are Master Crystals on many levels and you will totally enjoy your contact with the angels as friends, teachers and guides!

Note:  Since this shipment arrived, one of these crystals has announced that she is mine (bliss!!!).  I have taken her to work and slept with her every night and wow, what dreams!  All have had to do with issues I had thought were done – apparently not.  They have come up in lucid detail and instead of reliving the yuck of the original situation, they have resolved beautifully … and now I am done!  Interestingly, my usual angelic contact is Archangel Michael.  Now, I am meeting Archangel Chamuel, Guardian of the Pink Ray.  Like Michael, he is a warrior angel, but I feel a definite difference – he is a warrior of the Self – finding, revealing, expressing and living the true Self. I feel much more in touch and incredibly expanded.  If I thought my heart was open before, wowser, is it ever now!  There is much more to come and the discovery is nothing short of incredible!  :o)