#10642 Large Magnificent DT Pleiadian Quartz with Stargazer Penetrator
Large Magnificent DT Pleiadian Quartz with Stargazer Penetrator
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This is a magnificent 9.8" by 4.9" by 5.6" DT Pleiadian quartz weighing 10.34 lbs and from Serra do Cabral, Brazil.  She has Lemurian lines on her sides and an abundance of wonderful Pleiadian starbrary glyphs. There are several larger students, one  that is a cathedraled cluster on the edge of a terminal face, another at the lower termination and one plunked right into a terminal face ... a stargazer penetrator! She is lightly misted throughout with golden healer staining here and there.  She utterly fills with light and turns on the energy BIG time! She has a large and dominant seven-sided face that assists with the energy flow from the four-sided face adjacent to it.  Now, this is unusual, but that's how her energy works!  It's like a doorway that guides you in.  I am genuinely in awe of this Spirit and know that her true Keeper will work well with her!

Pleiadian crystals are appearing now in greater number.  This Spirit feels good placed in the lap, in spite of her size, so that you can work the energies with both hands.  As you place your hands in various places, you can feel the energy shifts ... and may I say "WOWSER"!  She was once used to activate large groups of big (read HUGE) crystals arranged in grid-fashion.  I can see an array of crystals of various sizes and colors, all being arranged and "tuned" by the High Priestess.  Crystalline frequencies filled the air in a symphony of magical vibrations and energy patterns were clearly visible.  Her ceremonies became the basis for the Lemurian ones to follow.  She awakens all these memories and will bring them to her Keeper for use in this life's expression as a Light Worker on a very high Spiritual Path.

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Large Magnificent DT Pleiadian Quartz with Stargazer Penetrator

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