#13025 Sweet Green (and a bit of Russet) Aventurine Massage Wand
Sweet Green (and a bit of Russet) Aventurine Massage Wand
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This is a 3.6 oz dark green aventurine polished wand, rounded at the base with a Merlin (aka generator) termination. She 5.45" by 0.9" by 0.9" and sings a bit as you work with her. The Merlin termination shows a bit of russet with veins of silvery, sparkly mica embedded into the sides. 

Aventurine is a type of quartz noted for its rich green color ... polished or natural, you will relish those sweet energies! Aventurine is a wonderful heart stone, particularly for those trying to establish a balance between the male/female or yin/yang energies. She fosters the understanding of both so that you can achieve similar balance in your daily expression. She marries head and heart to benefit of both! Use her on an altar for that constant reminder ... and she makes a wonderful Healer's companion as well! 
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