#13738 Lush and Richly-Colored Pink-Red Rhodonite Grid Group
Lush and Richly-Colored Pink-Red Rhodonite Grid Group
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This is an amazing grid group of six polished rhodonite pieces with intense rich pink-red color and with neat black accents. The group weighs 1.3 oz and each piece is about 0.8-0.9" and the black looks like ancient writing with the pink contrasts. This is a wonderful grid group and could also be used as pocket or medicine pouch stones. Rhodonite is a wonderful balancer, beginning with the ultimate of balancing and activation: the heart. 

Rhodonite is a great stone to carry when you have a lot of important decisions and must weigh a variety of outcomes, keeping the best interest of all at heart. This intensity of color allows the expression of the heart with the passion of the physical and allows a joining of Heart and Core Self. They give you the confidence to do and BE what you truly love! Their sweet and soft energy will leave you wanting one with you always for whenever you need balance! 
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