#13818 Bronze of Shiva for Altar
Bronze of Shiva for Altar
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This is an intricate and detailed bronze statue of Shiva ... the age is unknown but thought to be antique. The statue is 4.0 lb and 9" by 4.6" by 3" and is hollow inside. Inside there are blue-green areas and you can see the statue was cast in two pieces, although it isn't obvious on the outside. Shiva sits in Lotus position on an ornate cushion and two hands are in a Namaste/greeting while another set of arms/hands holds a figure 8 (infinity) and a lotus flower. He is crowned with ornate earrings and necklaces and his robe is detailed and flowing. He will stand easily in your garden or altar spaces.  

Shiva, the Auspicious One, is one of the three Hindu gods and considered the First Yogi and the creator of the yoga tradition. He is regarded as formless, limitless, transcendent, and unchanging, benevolent as a Guru and yet fierce slaying demons, dragons and negative spirits. In literal form, Shiva means "that which is not" ...and yet he is. He teaches us that if we create fear, it will manifest ... if we create love, so will that manifest. We have within us the ability to create and manifest many things ... may they be filled with love, light, compassion and all that makes life brilliant and wondrous! 
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