#15146 Keyed, Old Soul Quartz with Starbrary Glyphs, Timeline
Keyed, Old Soul Quartz with Starbrary Glyphs, Timeline
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This is a 1.4 oz Brazilian quartz with alternating slightly matte sides, 3.1” by 0.8” by 0.6”. She is light bright with a series of shallow keys around her base and a diamond one that bridges two sides. A hexagonal one spans the two adjoining sides to that. You’ll see a light druse of tiny students on one of her clear sides and she has a long past timeline adjoining an asymmetric Isis face. Starbrary glyphs (some rather holographic) are scattered about on her sides. She is sparkling and glowing and alive with vibrancy and energy! She has a few odd tiny dings, but these in no way affect her beauty or energy!

I marvel at the beauty of this Spirit! She is sparkling and spectacular and her energy is radiant and huge! There is an old soul in there, she is telling you to open up and enjoy life – spread your arms to the rising sun and embrace every molecule of Love and Light that it offers! We all need to focus on the now – to recognize that it is our true seat of power. The past is exactly that and we must learn from it, but not allow it to run our lives. What happened to us as a child does not need to color our Now unless we let it. The future hasn’t happened yet and it’s good to plan for, but we can’t successfully live only thinking about the vacation coming up or the wonderful weekend we’ve planned. Unless we adequately look into the Now and put past and future into balance, we miss so much that is beautiful and wonderful in life. As I look over and see my cat, Bear, sleeping in his favorite place (on the fax machine), he is so content in his cat-ness and is well-centered in the Now. He wakes immediately if there is something to be investigated and is always takes time to smell the catnip. I realize that there is a huge difference between cats and humans and we have responsibilities and jobs and families. But our balance comes from using the power of Now – it is truly the only time we have totally control. Work with this Spirit to capture the power of the present – her keys are truly that … they help you to open those doors and with her, you’ll have a wonderful partner in that quest.

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Keyed, Old Soul Quartz with Starbrary Glyphs, Timeline

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