#15148 Lavish, Flattened Orange River Phantom Elestial Quartz Cluster
Lavish, Flattened Orange River Phantom Elestial Quartz Cluster
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This is really a strange cluster, 4.4 oz and 3.7” by 3.5” by 1.05” DT elestial quartz from the Orange River region in Africa. He is fully terminated all over, but on each side, he has a different character. And at first, I thought he was smoky, but with a loupe, you can see that all of his flattened, elestial crystals are tipped with red hematite and his apparent smoky color is from tiny silvery hematite spheroids! His top is lustrous and his base has an old souls look with a film of calcite on top. He is in excellent condition and will keep you constantly checking him out with a loupe to see what else new you discover!

Orange River quartz is absolutely fabulous in their complexity and beauty, albeit rugged. In particular, I love to use them for past life regression work – they are truly superior in that regard! This little Spirit has the healing power of hematite along with its primal energy, enabling a connection to your “roots”. Everything that we are now is a combination of all the lives we have lived and will ever live. We are the sum of them all, in every lush, awesome experience. When you hold this Spirit and close your eyes, you are able to use him almost like a time machine in that you can recall those lifetimes most relevant to your now. Always ask the lesson so that you don’t focus only on the images without understanding. Remember that he is an elestial Spirit and will have angel energies to assist you. Keep him close as a constant reminder of your totality – what amazing power!

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Lavish, Flattened Orange River Phantom Elestial Quartz Cluster

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