#15214 Superb and Stunning Amphibole Quartz with Chlorite
Superb and Stunning Amphibole Quartz with Chlorite
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This is an unusual 1 lb amphibole quartz from Pakistan measuring 4.4” by 2.5” by 2.2”. The inclusions are a collection of fibrous minerals: tremolite, actinolite and polygorskite which sometimes look like long strands and others, like cotton puffs. However, with her, you can see the amphibole at the base but it has blended with gold and green chlorite that wafts through her as if carried by her rising mists within her inner clarity! She doesn’t have a lot of amphibole inclusions, but all the energy is there. There is a very peachy, tabby side student and large keys at her base that makes her look a bit like a scepter, but she isn’t. Then, the faces and sides have an abundance of glyphs and she is beyond stunning! There are some very little dings, but nothing of significance at all! She is truly amazing!

I have always noted the Crown Chakra effect of these amphibole quartz, but this one is different, albeit in a subtle way. She stimulates communication and understanding on a level never before experienced. She is a spectacular high-energy crystal of the first order – beyond petalite, beyond Herkimer diamonds, beyond Himalayan quartz! The effect is as if she seizes your physical being, your core Self, and deftly sweeps it into one huge energy spiral! Because of her size, you can easily cup her between the hands and adjust energy levels depending on how you hold her. She facilitates a complete shift of consciousness, building steadily and surging in waves so that the energy doesn’t cause problems and then allows you to assimilate and retain what you are sensing. She still has an earthy feel, helping to relate this shift to physical expression. I love the “winds of time feel” – shifting, shaping and forever moving in wondrous adaptation … seen and yet unseen and all within the protection of the glorious chlorite. Every day is a miracle and a mystery if we only allow it and embrace it with our whole being. This Spirit is definitely a premier in the new order of Master Crystals emerging now.

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Superb and Stunning Amphibole Quartz with Chlorite

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