#15231 Flashy Opal Radiance Quartz Cluster - Secrets of the Seven
Flashy Opal Radiance Quartz Cluster - Secrets of the Seven
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These are from a new find from the Kullu pass in India, another of the few gifts of global warming. With the glaciers receding in the Kullu pass, Mother Earth is sharing her treasures and oh what a treasure this is! When I first opened these up from my supplier, I was kind of wondering what the fuss was about … and then the light hit the crystals and they were on fire … but of course you have to play with them in the light as different faces show the colors and it’s all in how the light hits them (study them in a sunbeam and watch the color play!)! Colors appear all over the faces … fiery colors of every shade in the rainbow! And then I explored them with a loupe and the fire was even more intense! I think you will be stunned as I was! My supplier and I have pondered over how these amazing little crystals developed such fire and testing has been inconclusive. Near as we can tell, they have had an overlay of rainbow opal (aka precious opal). Precious opal is closely related to quartz – quartz is silicon dioxide and opal is hydrated silicon dioxide. Lots of chemistry, but the major difference is that opal is non-crystalline and is known for the way it refracts light. If you look closely under the loupe, you can see that there is an opalescent kind of reverse-phantom layer on top of the quartz, sometimes just a thin layer and others, it’s maybe a mm or two thick. Some of the clusters show an opal matrix (this one does not … her matrix is very earthy), though not flashy like on the terminations. This sweetie is 12.5 oz and 4” by 2.4” by 2.15” and her fire is hot neon shades of orange, red, blue, violet and green, although there are flashes of the rest as well among her faces. She is a true jewel and will flash an assortment of color at you if you give her a chance!

Each of these little clusters holds the Secrets of the Seven … seven colors in the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet), seven tones in the musical scale (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti), seven Chakras … and from these, all color, music and energy systems are derived. Seven is considered to be a sacred number by most of the world religions. There are seven stars in the constellation, Pleiades, seven wonders of the world, seven levels of enlightenment, etc. Seven is the continuum and transition from one plane to the next and the ultimate of expression. When I first worked with mine, I was totally blissed out … and then she put me to work. No matter how far we go in terms of Spiritual achievement, there is always more. She reminded me not to ‘sit on my butt’ … to get moving and working those Chakras … get them humming! Well, let me tell you that this has been a whirlwind of activity … I’ve felt like one of those whirling Dervishes! It’s not at all unpleasant, but it is a challenge as these Spirits will definitely raise your Kundalini and expand your Ethereal Chakra dramatically. As you work with your Opal Radiance Quartz cluster, be aware that you will experience some dramatic change on all levels. Each one is highly personal, so information that comes to me will be what I need … what comes to you is what you need. You can slow things down a bit by requesting that she slow down a bit to allow you to balance your energies as you work. A nice grounding stone (tiger-eye, obsidian, petrified wood) will help. Whatever you chose, sit back and enjoy the ride as it will be a totally magnificent one!

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Flashy Opal Radiance Quartz Cluster - Secrets of the Seven

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