#15236 Intense XL Natural Russian Jet Sphere aka “Black Amber”
Intense XL Natural Russian Jet Sphere aka “Black Amber”
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This is a wonderful 11.8 oz, 3” diameter Russian jet, formed and polished with a slight matte finish into a sphere. Jet, also known as “black amber” although not an amber at all) is a type of fossilized wood and more like coal than the petrified wood that comes to mind. He is warm to the touch and most soothing – similar to the feel of (and good companion to … ) amber. I was lucky to get a small quantity of this rare jet to share with you! This one has a few little textural marks and slight color variations, making her wonderful for scrying as well. Held between both hands, you will be astonished by the energy and I found that this size in particular will go beyond scrying and open up a whole new Third Eye world for you.

Jet has been long used in jewelry, although it’s use in mourning jewelry has been discontinued. The Russian jet, as lofty as its Tibetan cousin, is wonderful for centering and focus, instilling a sense of well-being which is also an important aspect of banishing fear on many levels. I particularly love the sphere shape as it adds to that sense of comfort and it brings and the warmth of the jet in particular … she is a perfect scrying sphere and wonderful in meditation where you hold her cupped between the palms.

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Intense XL Natural Russian Jet Sphere aka “Black Amber”

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