#15272 Atypical Light Sepia Smoky Lithium Pleiadian Quartz Wand
Atypical Light Sepia Smoky Lithium Pleiadian Quartz Wand
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This is a very unusual, atypical 11.3 oz, chunky, 4.6” by 1.5” by 1.6” lithium quartz wand from Brazil. She is further atypical in that her light smoky color is tinted slightly sepia and that gives her a warmer look than most smokies have. Her irregular base is healed and there is a nearly-lengthwise and ancient key that covers two sides. She is also an earthquake quartz with several fracture zones from damage within the Earth, now healed over the eons. These areas create deep and vibrant rainbows and there are holographic Pleiadian glyphs on her sides. Her faces host subtle glyphs and she has a few odd, very little dings, but she’s generally in great condition.

If you have never experienced lithium quartz, you are in for a real treat: this is the Prozac of the crystal world! They are well known for use with depression and malaise. My husband struggled with chronic depression and when a dear friend gave me one to tuck under his pillow, the depression cleared! It was soft and subtle and took a few days, but nothing short of a miracle! This one has a bit of a shift, however, from the pinky-purple ones that you usually think of with lithium quartz. She is more grounding and centering and her Pleiadian glyphs suggest that she belongs to a Star Seed who suffers depression from not knowing who she/he is and wants to reconnect to that lost part. She’s a perfect answer …

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Atypical Light Sepia Smoky Lithium Pleiadian Quartz Wand

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