#15273 Autumn Garden Quartz with Manifestors – Wanderings
Autumn Garden Quartz with Manifestors – Wanderings
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This is an unusual quartz point from Brazil weighing 9 oz and measuring 3.2” by 2.3” by 2.1”. And stunning is as stunning does with this one – I can’t even begin to tell you how gorgeous this crystal is! The quartz itself is very, very slightly smoky and clear with chlorite inclusions (sometimes called lodalite). Chlorite is an extremely variable mineral and although usually shades of green, it can also be russet, pink, mauve, buff, yellow, gold and brown! In this Spirit, the chlorite is an autumn-toned garden of mauve, dusty rose, forest green (a touch), gold (a touch) and toast. The effect is like a planted mum field, glowing with bloom – from a distance, it looks dusty rose and then when you get close, you see the individual colors! And if you check this “field” with a loupe, you will see a few quartz manifestors, chlorite-covered and revealed in the ultra clarity of the main crystal. To the base, there is a well-healed extraction scar and keys around the side and an elestial “ruffle” skirts the side and her termination is about as perfect as they come. I should caution that although the edges are healed, they are sharp, so I wouldn’t recommend sleeping with this one. Now you can see why these are called “garden quartz” … it’s not about the commonality of them but rather the specialness of a place that grows things that sustain our bodies and souls …

Many times in my childhood, I remember escaping the world and wandering through fields of flowers, bracken ferns and blueberry bushes. I used to lie among them and watch the clouds pass over, safe and knowing that no one knew I was there. It was a time of daydreaming, meditation and total freedom. Today, it is my greatest pleasure to take a coffee out in the morning and sit in my garden amid the birds and butterflies and ease into the day … or watch the night come and the first bright stars to appear. This is such a crystal – one to ease the stresses off you and allow you to reconnect with the Earth in a very sacred way. We spend much of our time in pursuit of Spiritual enlightenment and often forget that we are of this Earth and above all, no matter what we advance to, it all must be relevant to this physical expression or it is of no consequence. This special Spirit helps to keep your feet bare and in touch with the warmth of the Earth …

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Autumn Garden Quartz with Manifestors – Wanderings

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