#15282 Glowing Kazakhstan Amethyst on Glittering Matrix
Glowing Kazakhstan Amethyst on Glittering Matrix
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This absolutely stunning 0.3 oz, 1.75” by 0.85” by 0.5” crystal with side student glitters and glows as soon as you touch her. When my supplier said that he had these amethyst on matrix, I was a bit apprehensive, but as soon as I saw her, that apprehension passed. She is a DT amethyst with nice phantom (easier seen in person) and she sits on a small piece of absolutely glittery toast-colored matrix that will utterly astound you! Her faces have amazing glyphs and her sides bear Lemurian lines – she is a dazzler and is from Kazakhstan.

As I said, the matrix aspect of this shipment concerned my until I saw it as a critical and essential part of the role of this Spirit. Together, in this Spirit, they take on a lofty new dimension as her energies expand and sooth your mind, while her matrix serves as a sparkling ground so you have an “attachment point”. If you think about your Crown Chakra and the Ethereal Chakras above it, the amethyst represents the Crown and the matrix represents how the energies radiate out and fill those Chakras. It is now time for us as Light Workers to fully activate ALL of our Chakras, not just those on the body. This will bring us each to a higher state of awareness and Spiritual achievement. Work with this Spirit and feel how the energy rushes through the Crown – it will definitely give you a move balanced and whole feeling! Don’t forget that it is easy to overdo, particularly in the first few sittings with her. And drink lots of water afterward as well – you will be surprised at the internal toxins you will move!

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Glowing Kazakhstan Amethyst on Glittering Matrix

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