#15310 Strangely-Expressed Golden Inspiration Quartz with Riebeckite
Strangely-Expressed Golden Inspiration Quartz with Riebeckite
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This crystal was one of several received in a recent shipment and I was delighted that this group illustrated a variety of colors other than the traditional green … this is another of the golden inspiration quartz who called strongly to be posted. He is a 6.5 oz and 2.5” by 2.1” by 1.9” and is from Bahia, Brazil. In spite of how he appears at first, he is terminated all over and is a DT he has some growth interference from riebeckite inclusions at the terminations causing them to be anything but typical. And, unlike most of the inspiration quartz, he is much golden, as opposed to green, from included actinolite. There is a crystal cave at the base termination and he looks a bit like a set of teeth, taking a bite. He is a very fascinating and energetic inspiration quartz, ready to inspire his Keeper!

My supplier found a very limited number of these when he was in Brazil this winter and fell in love immediately ... and I see why. Actinolite is known for its cleansing and this Spirit is no exception there, but it’s not the usual actinolite cleanse, but rather one that scrubs off the blockages, negative energies and psychic hooks that hold us back in all that we do. His golden expression of the actinolite shifts the inspiration slightly from more mental and heart-centered to more physical expression of what is in the heart. This means that if it’s something you know in your heart that you need to do, he clears the way. You find doubt, hesitation, indifference, indecision, self-deprecation, inferiority and all manner of things that impede our progress – these are all gone! Open your eyes to a whole new world and embrace the Enlightenment that looms ahead of you! This crystal is a rush beyond rushes … prepare yourself as things will never be the same again!

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Strangely-Expressed Golden Inspiration Quartz with Riebeckite

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