#15323 Astonishing Mystic Protector Elestial Smoky Amethyst
Astonishing Mystic Protector Elestial Smoky Amethyst
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This is an awesome elestial smoky amethyst from Brazil, measuring 4.1” by 2.3” by 1.7” and weighing a 9.4 hefty oz. She is a DT although a bit of a warrioress with small dings here and there and you can see that she was originally smoky with a smoky amethyst secondary growth to her. She is highly elestial and in spite of fist impressions the secondary growth of quartz is quite clear and with a loupe, you can see scattered needles of rutile inside. There are a number of students, including some small penetrator ones that were part of the original crystal. In spite of her few dings, her messages are so strong that you can’t help but be honored to work with this splendid Mentor.

The Spirit of this crystal is incredibly sacred and amazingly protective. We tend to think of the sacred as something hidden away – kept for only a rare few. This Spirit shows us that there is sacredness in all that we do and all that we see and all that we are. It is there, surrounding us at all times and it is OURS! We have only to honor it and its sacredness becomes apparent. Think about it – it’s a rush!! Look out at a dreary, wet, cold leafless winter day and it’s awful and you even feel cold inside. Now, look at the sacredness of it all. See the yin energies, pensive and compelling. Feel the trees drawing the energy of the rain into their roots for next spring’s leaves. Smell the musk of the Earth and savor the touch of the raindrops on your face. These same raindrops were once part of the vast sea. Notice the fog and its delicate softness – splash in a puddle like a child. Do you feel the sacredness rise? This Spirit reminds us that not only is it that simple, but it is that critical! To honor, respect and love every aspect of this life is to imbue our Spirit with Sacredness! You have only to enter the curved door to greet it!

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Astonishing Mystic Protector Elestial Smoky Amethyst

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