#15379 Delightful DT, Blushed Pink Kunzite Wand
Delightful DT, Blushed Pink Kunzite Wand
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This is a somewhat chunky, 2.7 oz, 2.6” by 0.8” by 0.9” doubly-terminated kunzite wand from Brazil … the base has healed into small, multiple terminations. His front and back are covered with fascinating etchings (use a loupe to see them well) and his termination has minute glyphs, mixed with some linear ones. His color is a soft and pale blushed pink that is somewhat dichroic in that he looks “white” viewed on his sides, but pink when viewed looking down into his termination. There is one small ding but otherwise he is in excellent condition and is ready for your personal meditations.

Kunzite is a wonderful stone for clarity! Many crystal books recommend using a piece of kunzite as a pendulum to "neutralize" a person's self-energy allowing clarity in seeing the problem at hand. It really works! He just seems to clear away the cobwebs and allow you to see things as they truly are. Take him into meditation and you will experience a deeper and more intense one. He is particularly important for work with the Heart Chakra where he assists his Keeper with a deeper focus and understanding of relationships and the things affecting them. He is truly an outstanding helper!

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Delightful DT, Blushed Pink Kunzite Wand

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