#15382 Earthquake DT Golden Healer Lemurian Starbrary Quartz for Altar
Earthquake DT Golden Healer Lemurian Starbrary Quartz for Altar
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This is a totally magnificent, 2 lb 11.3 oz, 7.5” by 4.5” by 1.8” pale golden healer Lemurian quartz with elestially healed lower termination from the Serra do Cabral Mountains in Brazil. He is splendid with his lightly frosted sides and glorious golden glow and pair of cute side students blending into his lower termination! The golden color likely comes from iron coating (limonite) that would probably come off in a good acid wash, but this crystal has only been washed with soap and water to preserve the amazing energies the iron imparts. He has wonderful Lemurian lines (interspersed with both minute and large starbrary glyphs) and near to his lower termination, there is a definite, branched earthquake zone, outlined in deeper gold. Earthquake zones are caused from ancient damage within the Earth that, through the eons, has totally healed; these are astounding Healer’s crystals. He has a wonderful channeler termination (two seven-sided faces separated by a three sided) … and a bit of iridescence! There are some tiny dings at the termination, but otherwise, he is in excellent condition. He awaits your very special altar space!

Holding this wonderful crystal, I am washed with waves of joy and love – it’s the kind of sensation you get deep in your Solar Plexus when you are content and comfortable – like coming in from a cold rain, putting on dry clothes right from the dryer and sitting with a cup of hot chocolate. But it’s a feeling more than comfort. There is a connection to ancient teachers that pervades – as if you have a direct line to Spirit Guides. You are safe in speaking with them; fear is banished and you know the strong and true Spirit within you. This golden healer has an element of protection as well; your aura increases in size, pushing away negativity. He is absolutely potent! Interestingly, with his starbrary connections, he facilitates contact with Star Elders, again in a safe and protected mode. Of all emotions, fear generates the most negative power and people do unbelievable things because of the fear they harbor within. When you can clear your psyche of fear, you proceed unclouded and open in mind, heart and Spirit. Interestingly, 11 is a Master Number, symbol of the visionary and the one who leads the way … and this, he truly is! He is part of the amazing Lemurian crystals emerging now, gifts of the Star Elders to the people of Lemuria … and our legacy as we usher in a new Lemurian age.

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Earthquake DT Golden Healer Lemurian Starbrary Quartz for Altar

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