#15423 Ancient Smoky Lemurian Quartz with HUGE Doorway Keys and Enhydros
Ancient Smoky Lemurian Quartz with HUGE Doorway Keys and Enhydros
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This is a totally unusual quartz from Madagascar was supposed to be amethyst, but I have to say that if it’s amethyst, it’s beyond pale. She is a very lovely sort of golden smoky (and the both the smoke and the gold are very light) 1 lb 4.5 oz, 6.9” by 3.9” by 1.9” ancient looking quartz. Her termination was bifurcated by another crystal in ancient times and left a huge doorway key there with another running almost lengthwise on her back. She is a DT and the sides have rather profound Lemurian lines. Examine her with a loupe and you’ll see a larger immobile enhydro along with a zippy one that is like a pinball machine in its large bubble chamber – you can pretty much see it move on all sides. She may look rugged but she is an ancient Spirit with wisdom to share. She has some very tiny dings, but nothing of significance at all – you will be in love!

This Spirit has a very ancient feel to her and in fact, when you think of the water inside her, it blows my mind to know that it’s millions of years old! Enhydros are a bit of a misnomer … the bubble isn’t actually totally water … it’s air and water and when you study this Spirit, it’s pretty easy to see. Water, air, fire (smoke) and Earth (the crystal and the bit of matrix) … they are all present in perfect balance. This is a Spirit for a Keeper who is struggling with all the Spiritual development and integrating same into physical expression. One seems to get away from the other and the Keeper is either too grounded (and lethargic and without energy) or flighty and rather light-headed. She will help you understand the importance of balance and gently assist in the achievement of that balance. Her doorways invite you in to explore and to allow the balance to come. She is a splendid Spirit and certainly one of a kind!

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Ancient Smoky Lemurian Quartz with HUGE Doorway Keys and Enhydros

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