#15434 Fragile Glittering Calcite Cast Wand with Siderite "Snowballs"
Fragile Glittering Calcite Cast Wand with Siderite Snowballs
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This is one of the most unusual crystals you’ll ever find – she is a lace-like, 3.6 oz, 4.8” by 1.6” by 1.5” cluster of pale, moonglow white calcite crystals that formed in lines. Remember the sugar crystals you grew on a thread when you were a kid? Well, she’s like that plus she has areas where she coated her “host” as a druse and with her moonglow white color, she looks like a winter’s expression, especially with the little buff-colored siderite snowballs to one side! She is one to study with a loupe, lace-like in her expression and intricate beyond belief! Note that she is fragile and will be packed with extra care. She is from Dal’negorsk, Russia.

This is a mere curiosity for many, but truly this Spirit is very hard working. She is very important for people who have difficulty sticking with things and taking them to completion. She is also wonderful for the end of the project when it is important that you let go … without this ability, you would otherwise cling to something beyond reason. She helps you to awaken the joy in creation as well as the joy in allowing others to share in it as well. What a wonderful gift!

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Fragile Glittering Calcite Cast Wand with Siderite “Snowballs”

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