#15435 Gleaming and Sparkling DT Quartz Cluster
Gleaming and Sparkling DT Quartz Cluster
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This is a gorgeous, brilliant, gleaming, sparkling DT cluster, 5.3 oz and 3” by 2.2” by 1.9” and loaded with DT points. There are students, twins, stargazers, keys, glyphs and loads of brilliant faces to keep you looking a long time. This cluster is SO cool – you can rotate her all around and she has no “bad” side – in fact there is something special about each one! And she self-stands in many positions and is from the Sweet Surrender Mine in Arkansas.

Clusters are awesome for clearing the energy in a room, and that is critically important for the sleeping area where you spend a lot of time. I just love her many positions – she is well-adapted for laying on the body (carefully) during a crystal healing or Reiki treatment or for the centerpiece of a crystal grid during meditation. You’ll just love her beauty as well!

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Gleaming and Sparkling DT Quartz Cluster

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