#15437 Gorgeous DT Golden Smoky Polished Quartz - Protection
Gorgeous DT Golden Smoky Polished Quartz - Protection
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This is a brilliant and largely clear golden-smoky 6.2 oz DT quartz from Brazil measuring 4” by 1.5” by 1” is a rich, but light, smoky with citrine overtones. He has been polished to reveal his spectacular depths. His lower termination is misted and the termination is wider than the upper and shows a bit of cathedraling. He literally fills with golden light! He is a wonderful Spirit with a gentle, protective energy and has a teeny ding to his upper termination but is otherwise in excellent condition.

Because of the polished nature of this crystal, he is particularly well-suited to healing situations. Polishing takes the “edge” off the energy and softens it. He is awesome for reducing stress – there is nothing like sitting with him in your hands, savoring his smoothness and admiring his rainbows. Before you know it, you feel more relaxed, calm and grounded. This subtle adjustment, in turn, reduces depression and you are better able to “face the world”. This is an awesome crystal for a healing practice where he can be placed under the treatment table or at the feet to set the stage for the healing and reduce the negativity.

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Gorgeous DT Golden Smoky Polished Quartz - Protection

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