#15441 Juicy and Rare Papaya Quartz Wand - Madagascar
Juicy and Rare Papaya Quartz Wand - Madagascar
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Papaya quartz has been absent from the market for a long time and I was delighted when my supplier said that he had located a new source. She is a nice 0.8 oz and measures 3.25” by 0.4” by 0.6”. From Madagascar, she is a true papaya quartz – filled with hematite and amphibole fibers, layered and looking for the world like a fresh cut, very ripe and luscious papaya fruit. Her termination is a laser and she is nicely castled her entire length. She even has a slight curve to her and a totally healed base. She will be a special crystal for her Keeper!

Papaya quartz is a personal favorite of mine. The energy is warm and inviting and totally comforting. She is a wonderful Spirit for coupling with some of the very high energy ones to soften them and help control the energies to a comfortable level. She is absolutely awesome for meditation, helping to introduce a passion into it, such that it is far easier to bring the ethereal messages into physical expression. Likewise, when you are so focused on only the higher Chakras, she helps you rekindle the passion and enthusiasm for physical expression and life in general that you may have set aside for these pursuits. She is a wonderful crystalline companion and her curves nest well into the hand. She is truly joyous!

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Juicy and Rare Papaya Quartz Wand - Madagascar

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