#15445 Large Galahad Quartz Crystal Changeling Warrior
Large Galahad Quartz Crystal Changeling Warrior
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This is a 3 lb 14.7 oz, 6.3” by 3.9” by 3.8” very light smoky quartz from Pakistan. He is definitely a warrior with a partially healed back. Bits of golden healer fill tiny crevices and truly he is a study in contrast. One side is “regular” while the other is indented and intricate with changeling terminations. Granted, he is a warrior but his Spirit is strong and filled with ancient wisdom … he willingly goes to a Keeper who will give him a chance and work seriously with him.

A while ago, a friend asked if I had a Galahad crystal, Galahad being a knight of the Round Table of King Arthur’s court, a son of Sir Lancelot and one of the three achievers of the Holy Grail. Strong, courageous, wise and yet gentle, Galahad was highly regarded at Arthur’s court. So I dug around and found one that was exactly that Spirit. In pulling together the crystals for this listing, I happened on another! This crystal carries those same traits and like most knights, he is a warrior having sustained injury in battle. The changeling aspect of this crystal makes him even more special … changelings are those who draw from their total source of inner strength during times of stress and literally become something else, but without losing that center core of knowing who they really are. Native American hunters “became” the buffalo so that they could get close to the herd during the hunt. Others became the eagle so that they could locate the herds. It is possible for each of us to allow our consciousness to take another form so as to give us a different perspective, additional insight or more information, beyond what our own senses provide. Such is the nature of this warrior crystal … he allows you to channel the Spirit of Galahad to allow you to move with need and evolve into a true Light Warrior!

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Large Galahad Quartz Crystal Changeling Warrior

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