#15447 Luscious Rainbow Tourmaline on White Quartz Matrix
Luscious Rainbow Tourmaline on White Quartz Matrix
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This is a wonderful 10.8 oz tourmaline nested in a white quartz matrix, 3” by 3” by 2.1” … and is a study in color. She begins as a teal blue-green, then transitions, oh so subtly, to a darker teal, then mauve and then hot pink! Bits of mica sparkle at her base and she is a wonderful, heart-healing Spirit! You will be studying this one with a loupe for a long, long time … stunning, energetic and enticing! She is from Brazil.

The energy of this cluster is heart-opening and relaxing all at the same time. She just seems absorb all the pressure and stress, allowing you to regroup, relax and clear your head. Note that in that relaxation, you will have a profound healing because your body can throw off barriers and pain and accept what it needs. She is a wonderful personal meditation piece as, even in combination with other crystals, she will envelop her Keeper with this ‘relaxation sheath’ so that the meditation is easily entered and more meaningful. Her slightly smoky quartz provides critical protection and you will find your Self savoring the joy that this openness and love calls forth!

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Luscious Rainbow Tourmaline on White Quartz Matrix

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