#15476 Brilliant Palm-Sized Faden Tabby Quartz – Astral Travel
Brilliant Palm-Sized Faden Tabby Quartz – Astral Travel
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This is a brilliant tabby quartz from northern Pakistan, renowned for its faden quartz, 1.7 oz and 2.2” by 1.9” by 0.8” and he fits perfectly in a nested palm with fingers wrapped. Faden is German for ‘thread’ and he has a very nice, somewhat suffuse one running diagonally though his tabby expression. There are a number of little students, some tabby, some long and one sidewise-penetrated (look for the little rainbow). He has nicely glyphed faces (including record keepers) that show a bit of iridescence and his clarity is awesome! There are some tiny dings remaining, but otherwise he is in splendid condition!

This crystalline Spirit radiates pure, unmitigated love. As soon as I worked with him a bit, I knew that he is ideal for astral projection. Ok, true confessions here – I struggle with astral projection because you must ‘let go’ – it’s not comfortable to let go. As a result, astral projection has happened only a few times for me. But these little guys with the thread offers the perfect solution – that thread is the ‘life line’ so that you can let go, but still maintain the control – the hold to the earth! I took this one for a ‘test drive’ and wow! He would be wonderful for a Keeper who is experimenting with this wondrous phenomenon and wants to explore a new aspect of Self for Spiritual Empowerment. In addition, he is a great size for personal meditation or grids where he can shine brilliantly!

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Brilliant Palm-Sized Faden Tabby Quartz – Astral Travel

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