#15471 Blushed Pink Flower Diamantina Starbrary Quartz Wand
Blushed Pink Flower Diamantina Starbrary Quartz Wand
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This lovely Spirit is from Diamantina, Brazil and is a splendid 2.2 oz, 4.1" by 0.8" by 0.7" wand with polished faces. Now, I have carried the Diamantina laser wands for some time, and have been out of the flower wands until I discovered her … a bloom in the crystalline garden! She is ever so lightly blushed pink with a bit of golden healer among her students. Interestingly, among the Pleiadian starbrary glyphs on her sides, there are two areas that resemble ancient lightning strikes (now healed) and a single, large area that resembles a crystalline sunflower! I was absolutely astounded! I believe that the flower is from mica and oh my, is it intricate … in circles from a center point and are almost feathered and layered – like a true flower would appear. They integrate with the Pleiadian glyphs and Lemurian lines and offer you flowers in the winter!

Laser wands have been used for psychic surgery by crystal healers, Reiki practitioners, Shaman and Wicca. Generally speaking, the faces on these crystals are all tiny and rather resemble a cutting tool. This wand is extraordinary for performing ‘psychic’ surgery, carefully excising blockages, cords and other sources of negative energies. These energies would eventually manifest as physical illness and Spiritual stagnation - use this Spirit to deftly extract those useless patterns – once and for all! Now, she is also wonderful for helping the patient adjust to the change. Strange as it may seem, the patient has become used to that negativity and/or blockage. Removing it may cause some issues and the patient must be assisted through this removal. This Spirit can help repair holes in the aura and generally restore the patient to wholeness. She is a very useful and selfless Spirit, dedicated to helping and while wonderful in the hands of a Healer, she is equally good for personal meditation for a Keeper who is dealing with serious medical issues. Now, her flowers offer a gentler energy than normal laser wands. Because she sings, you can ‘tune’ the energies, customizing as needed to effect the healing. She is truly unique and outstanding in every way!

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Blushed Pink Flower Diamantina Starbrary Quartz Wand

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