#15480 Earth Knower Growth Interference Quartz Cluster
Earth Knower Growth Interference Quartz Cluster
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This is a 2 oz 3.1” by 1.8” by 1.3” growth interference quartz cluster in the Earth Knower configuration with multiple Earth Spirits from Dal’negorsk, Russia. These quartzes are covered with lines and creases that mark physical evidence of the changes they have undergone on the Earth Plane. He is brilliantly white and accented with earthy tones but is actually far more lustrous that you would expect. It was hard to photograph, but there are glyphs on his sides as well as his “stacked” termination and his students. There is a stately presence to him and he is a most unusual Spirit, destined to become a part of your altar space.

Growth interference quartz is so named because other minerals (in his case, calcite) were present during his formation. They were once together, but through the eons, the calcite was eroded, leaving him bearing the visible evidence of the cohabitation. Earth Knowers are earthy looking crystals. They radiate raw Earth Energy and courage. They have seen change and the change has dramatically altered their appearance, yet they emerge, strong and vibrant in their adaptation. Earth Knowers teach us the secrets of this physical Earth and impart the Spirit of love for it; they help us to understand that change is inevitable and adaptation is survival and growth. Native Americans have long held the Earth Knower with highest reverence and respect for they hold sacred knowledge. To hold an Earth Knower is to experience the winds of time, to see the formation of the Earth, to sit in rapture at the diversity and flexibility of its species, to know the Spirit of All That Is.

This is not a Spirit for the collector to place on a shelf and admire. This is a strong energy working crystal! His energies will bring about change in your life, for to meditate with an Earth Knower is to forever be altered. I cannot say this enough: this crystal is about change and it is only through change that we grow and advance spiritually. He would also be excellent in a crystal healing or Reiki practice where he can be placed on the patient’s Heart Chakra to help direct and lead the change that must take place for healing. Use with plenty of rose quartz (as the changes must be integrated into the heart first before expressing elsewhere) and instruct the patient to drink plenty of pure water for at least 48 hours after the treatment.

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Earth Knower Growth Interference Quartz Cluster

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