#15492 Large, African Magnificent, Sparkling Malachite
Large, African Magnificent, Sparkling Malachite
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This is a wonderful 11.5 oz, 3.1” by 2” by 1.2” piece of unpolished malachite from Africa. She is a study in rich shades of emerald green, from light to black-green in nice bands and botryoidal patterns. Now, most malachite is polished and makes a wonderful polished stone, but I have been looking for a supplier of high-quality malachite – once you see her, you won’t want the polished pieces again! She is covered with a fine malachite druse that glistens and sparkles in the light, particularly one area that is like an emerald valley! She has a bit of pinkish matrix indented in a thin groove at her base and a heady, heady crystalline musk that will leave you swooning … love is in the air!

Malachite is still one of my favorites for pain therapy, particularly emotional pain. Emotional pain is harbored for often lifetimes and creates physical manifestations if not addressed. Having that extra insight is critical to a healer determining the correct treatment regimes with the patient … and also within the Self that may impair the work as a Healer. Now that being said, I worked some with this Spirit – she has a powerful crystalline musk when anointed with rain water. It seems that her fragrance is critical to initiating the process. Once begun, she works immediately on the heart and the release is unbelievable. I found myself recalling issues that I thought I’d long ago dealt with … well … apparently not completely. After an hour’s meditation with her, I was amazed at the difference. Now, one sitting isn’t going to clear a lifetime of heart pain, but working with her on a regular basis is a must. Plus, she is so beautiful and loving that you will want to have her around where you spend a lot of time. She’s a real sweetie!

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Large, African Magnificent, Sparkling Malachite

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