#15500 Opalescent Ultra-Balancer and Rare Molybdenite Rods in Quartz
Opalescent Ultra-Balancer and Rare Molybdenite Rods in Quartz
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This was another of the interlopers in the lily pad quartz received recently from Brazil … there is no chlorite present but there are a few of the wonderful flakes of blue-flash molybdenite inside the quartz and a real surprise … a large rod with tiny ones on it and a short rod a bit to the left of it! With a loupe, you can see it’s metallic, but blue when the light hits it right. She is a 5.2 oz, 3.4” by 1.4” by 1.2” slightly matte and somewhat opalescent quartz with an irregular, partially healed base. Her sides are inscribed with amazing glyphs and four of her faces have been polished (including the dominant abundance face) so as to give a better view of the molybdenite rods. A large key sits diagonally across two sides and what a potent Spirit she is! She is ready to go to her forever Keeper and is in excellent condition with only the tiniest of dings.

Talk about a mellower – this Spirit is just that … at first I felt ecstatic, ethereal, expanded … and then it settled in and a wash came over me … peace, harmony and the wisdom of the world ... it was all there. I cannot tell you what an amazing feeling that was … as if there wasn’t a care in the world and the only thing of immediacy was to add to the wisdom and know … truly KNOW how things are meant to be ... without stress, without deadlines and without the pressure of the current pace of life. She helps you see what is truly important and literally stop and smell the roses … appreciate the time and place we live in! This crystal is a true gift to her Keeper and will bring much depth and understanding.

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Opalescent Ultra-Balancer and Rare Molybdenite Rods in Quartz

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