#15510 Spectacular DT Chlorite Quartz Cluster with Curved Crystal – Protection Altars
Spectacular DT Chlorite Quartz Cluster with Curved Crystal – Protection Altars
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This is a 10.1 oz, 4.5" by 3.6" by 2.75" green chlorite-included cluster from Pakistan. There is a large, main crystal with a collection of students to the side, around her feet and covering the base … including one larger, curved one. The base glitters from its healing into thousands of tiny termination and a few little students. The chlorite isn’t abundant and in some areas, not even evident until backlit when the green really pops out. She is utterly amazing and I guarantee that you will be studying her for a long, long time!

This Spirit is a wonderful for warding off psychic attack! She is hugely protective and establishes a broad "force field" around her Keeper, like a huge energy bubble. No Healer should be without a chlorite cluster – it is far too easy when you work with patients, to pick up the negative energies that are thrown off the patients. Even the sweetest people throw off some of the ugliest things! And that energy has to go somewhere! Healers are so focused on their patients that they often forget their own vulnerability. She is an awesome and perfect size to place in a Healer's treatment room, under a treatment table, or even in an office where the constant barrage of strange energies is chaotic. Work with this Spirit often and every few days, wash her in soapy water and allow her to dry in the sun for an hour or so or sit her on a piece of selenite to clear her. She is wondrous used as an altar piece too where you want to set up crystals you’d like to infuse with protective energies. She also asked me to remind you that she can work outside as the center of a protection grid around your home.

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Spectacular DT Chlorite Quartz Cluster – Protection Altars

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