#15539 Frosty Blue Tara Lemurian Quartz Scepter with Olenite
Frosty Blue Tara Lemurian Quartz Scepter with Olenite
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This Spirit is from Brazil and the blue color within the quartz comes from riebeckite. Her sides are somewhat matte finish, giving her a frosted look. Along with the blue-gray riebeckite, there are sparkling, slender rods of tourmaline – olenite which is a boron rich and colorless tourmaline … you’ll need a loupe to see them well. Now the most rare and interesting feature is that she is a scepter! Among all the Blue Tara quartz, this is the only one I have ever found! The rod is short and rather stubby, but definitely there! And she has a lovely, layered diamond-shaped key to the back! She weighs 1.3 oz and is 1.95” by 1” by 0.9” and is a splendid, pocket-size. There is a healed ding to the back of the termination and a dish-shaped one at the base … this is also healed but I think it was formed from the separation of a key there. She is otherwise in excellent condition, ready for her mission with her Keeper.

Some time ago, a friend had asked about a Blue Tara quartz that was fairly large. He had bought a Mozambique Lemurian and wanted two of relatively the same size. I normally receive the shipments in large boxes and all the crystals are wrapped, so I take some off the top for working stock and continue down as I need to replenish the stock. Well, I had to go deep to fulfill his request and one of the crystals immediately buzzed in my hand – not for him, but for me! Like this one, there was a white film and I set her aside while I continued my search. Later, I worked with her and was totally amazed to see her begin to clear, almost before my eyes! The film is totally gone (after only a few days) and she is filled with manifestors. The glyphs are changing and activating … she holds the records of the last days of Lemuria!

In the last days, three Elders of Lemuria where to imbue Lemurian records within crystals all over the world. They did not need to be physically present, but only had to direct their energies to a location and each location got a different “file”. (Please email if you would like the channeling). Not all the Blue Tara are so marked, but the ones that are hold the messages for the New Lemurians … those Keepers with Lemurian roots who are to be conduits for Lemurian information rising now. These Keepers will be immediately attracted and will delight in the response of the crystal as they mutually activate to the messages. Like the Mozambique Lemurians, these are personal crystals and I did not go deeper with this Spirit for she is not mine. She truly belongs to her rightful Keeper.

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Frosty Blue Tara Lemurian Quartz Scepter with Olenite

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