#15540 Glittering Curved Earthquake Stargazer DT Smoky Quartz
Glittering Curved Earthquake Stargazer DT Smoky Quartz
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This is another of my “treasure finds” … and this one from the Himalayans. There is a large, main slightly smoky crystal with host of tiny druse-sized) to medium crystals obscuring her lower termination and creating a termination of their own. With a loupe, you will see little rainbows and golden healer among them. The main crystal has an earthquake zone where it was damaged within the Earth and healed through the eons, and this time with a definite curve. Topping that crystal is an area of cathedraling and a large DT stargazer student! She glitters and gleams as you turn her in the light and is certainly a surprise among the usual very clear (and non-smoky) Himalayan quartz!

This Spirit is both electrifying and gentle … she readily adopts others and teaches flexibility and adaptation with her energies. Her earthquake aspect shows change and healing in the face of adversity and her stargazer aspect demonstrates faith and looking forward, ever mindful of tradition and it’s effect on the outcome of change. Change is not something to resist or prevent … it is what makes us develop into who we are and who we wish to be. She is perfect for a Keeper who is on a journey seeking emotional and Spiritual growth and development.

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Glittering Curved Earthquake Stargazer DT Smoky Quartz

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