#15543 Glowing Light Tangerine Quartz – Stimulate Creative Passion
Glowing Light Tangerine Quartz – Stimulate Creative Passion
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This is a neat 4.4 oz, 3.4” by 2.1” by 1.3” cluster of tangerine quartz from Brazil. She is dominated by a large single crystal with two students terminating at her side and four others impinging her terminal faces. She is healed all over and at the back, you can see that her color is a coating as the many keys at the back where there is no color shown. One such key makes her termination notched. Hematite is wonderfully profuse in its color expression and you can see a good deal of color variation on her. There is a bit of iridescence to her and her sides have some nice starbrary glyphs. She is in generally excellent condition with only a few tiny dings.

Tangerine quartz is know for its ability to stimulate creativity, but this Spirit takes it up a notch. She is about stimulating creative passion! There’s a big difference – you can create, but without passion and the painting, writing, musical score, whatever lacks “color” … or you can create with love of art from within and the creation gleams with an inner quality that only comes from the awakening of passion. Passion is a combination of the love from the heart with the physical expression from the Solar Plexus. Without passion, there is no fire, no energy in that expression. She is a wondrous companion for awakening that passion and love that you hold inside for all that you do. As you express passion through creativity, you will experience a joy and satisfaction about your art that you’ve not known. Truly, she is a muse and one here to help you!

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Glowing Light Tangerine Quartz – Stimulate Creative Passion

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