#15545 Golden Glow Healer Quartz with Split Isis Face
Golden Glow Healer Quartz with Split Isis Face
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This is a spectacular 1.5 oz pale, glowing, golden healer quartz with base healed into tiny terminations, 2.3" by 1.5" by 1.3" from Brazil. She is beautifully Lemurian lined with a few little starbrary glyphs as well as a bit of iridescence! There is a kinked side student (with a key on his side that gives him the kink) and she is deftly twinned with she and the twin coming together to form and Isis face! She has a few teeny dings, but is otherwise in excellent condition.

This Spirit is wonderful used in a crystal healing or Reiki practice where she can be placed on the patient on the Solar Plexus area. Golden healer is wonderful for good, general cleansing and healing, but her rainbow fire allows additional direction from the Healer. The rainbow is but seven colors, but in those seven and the infinite expressions of color that we see. She provides not only healing, but a special comfort for our own personal expression which is a major issue in these times. She is a dedicated helper and is great in personal meditation as well … she wants to be part of a healing team!

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Golden Glow Healer Quartz with Split Isis Face

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