#15605 Magical and Mystical Orange River Dolphin Double Scepter Quartz
Magical and Mystical Orange River Dolphin Double Scepter Quartz
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This is a very, very interesting Orange River scepter (and a treasure find), 1 oz and 2.1” by 1.2” by 0.9”. He doesn’t look so scepter-like until you inspect him closely … he began life as an actual scepter (rod and crown are nearly the same width) and subsequently, he had a secondary tertiary quartz growth, but it totally missed the terminal apex of the original scepter such that the new crown only hits the side of the termination … sort of dolphin-style. He is a light smoky with teeny-teeny-tiny hematite spheroids that create a pointillist effect within him. You will have to explore him with a loupe to enjoy his intricacies! He has a few tony dings, but nothing worrisome in the least.

This is a colorful Spirit and exceptionally powerful. As you hold him, right away, you notice how tremendously warm he becomes – much more than you’d expect. He is a Master Healer and he has incredible abilities to focus your own healing energies into coherent expression. You can use him in either hand, with the thumb or a finger placed against the “v” formed with his stargazer student. I swear it feels like there is a huge ray, like a flashlight, emanating from his termination! Use him in a crystal healing or Reiki practice where you can blanket the patient in healing energy and set the stage for the deep healing that must occur. I also get that he would like to work with animals, assisting with their pain as well. He is also wonderful in personal meditation where he can help you awaken or enhance your own healing instincts. Alternatively, he can be placed over the Solar Plexus and rotated so as to correct energy aberrations. He is truly a Master Healer and will be a loyal helper to his Keeper.

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Magical and Mystical Orange River Scepter Quartz Wand

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