#15607 Magnificent Drusy DT Peruvian Quartz – Whale Energies
Magnificent Drusy DT Peruvian Quartz – Whale Energies
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This Spirit is 1.2 oz of utter, glittering beauty and measures 3.7” by 0.9” by 1.7” and comes from Peru. She is a wonderful DT … with a number of penetrator students. At first, I thought she looked like a kind of airplane, but as she sat here on my desk, I saw a whale and no matter how many times I looked at her again, only “whale” came back! Her druse is sparse and it adds a texture to her wonderful Lemurian lines and gentle frostiness. Turn her in the light and you’ll notice a hint of golden tone to her from a bit of golden healer. Further, you can sense that she sings a baleful song, one that speaks of time immemorial, connected to the Earth and yet visioning the stars. This is a wondrous Spirit, ready for a Keeper of Visions and you will recognize her immediately.

To the Native Peoples, Whale is considered to be the Mother Record Keeper. She was there when Mu, the Motherland, was sunk into the sea, forcing her peoples to go elsewhere. Whale is considered to be clairvoyant, to hear sounds, high and low, that we cannot. She speaks with the wisdom of the ages as she gathers information from peoples all over the Earth … the universal heartbeat. It is said that Whale energies teach us to use sound and frequencies to heal ourselves – as she has done in this quartz. To hold her is to hold the Song of the Universe and to be one with her message. Take Whale energies into your heart and share the memory!

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Magnificent Drusy DT Peruvian Quartz – Whale Energies

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