#15626 Velvety Tri-Layer Calcite ‘Schmoo’ Gathering with a Topping of Beta Quartz
Velvety Tri-Layer Calcite ‘Schmoo’ Gathering with a Topping of Beta Quartz
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This is another of the “treasure finds” and a gorgeous and stunning chocolate brown gathering of ‘cones’ or ‘schmooes’ with a fabulous topping of beta quartz crystals. The schmoozes are composed of layers of calcite and the entire cluster is 1 lb 3 oz and 5.5” by 3” by 3.6” and from Dal’negorsk, Russia. She is a stellar beam of calcite that has been subjected to two overgrowths of calcite, each one, altering her shape until you get the final, chocolate brown and fuzzy-looking one you see now. She even has a fuzzy feel and although it was hard to capture in pictures, you’ll be totally charmed by this crystalline equivalent of the stuffed toy with its lovely garnishment of beta quartz jewels – truly awesome!

Stellar Beams were first identified by Katrina Raphael in the late 1980s and those of us in NM at the time were aware of Katrina’s work in Taos, long before her books came out. Up until then, most of us were using the rhomboids in layouts and while excellent, we felt something was lacking. The Stellar Beams provided that missing ingredient and added an acceleration to the total effect of calcite. If you take any calcite, even the Stellar Beam, and break it (please trust me on this one - don’t try this at home), you’ll see that it breaks into the rhomboids. So, the Stellar Beam is the same structure, but organized in a more highly evolved, specialized way. Further, beta quartz is formed under higher temperature and pressure than other quartz and is more highly ordered, has more symmetry than regular (alpha) quartz and over all it is less dense. As a result, the vibrations are somewhat different – more pure and more intense. As the quartz ages, it reverts to alpha quartz (what we’re used to) yet maintains the beta structure. Now, most stellar beams are lofty, etheric Spirits. This sweetie is earthy and jokingly I say, she is good for the ‘Clown’ Chakra. Like most calcites, she is wonderful for change and helping her Keeper deal with change, but she infuses a joy and spontaneity that takes the sting and hurt out of sudden changes. She lets you see the ‘rosy’ side, maintaining a balance and sensitivity to the new direction. Plus, she also keeps you from taking things too seriously – after all, change happens no matter what we do and far better to bend with it as the grasses in the wind, than to snap like the oak in a storm. Her beta quartz side allows you to truly love your Self in a joyous, celebratory way … critical to accepting who you are and what your role is. This doesn’t put a damper on your joy, but rather celebrates it. Besides, she is so danged cuddly … try to put her down!

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Velvety Tri-Layer Calcite ‘Schmoo’ Gathering with a Side of Beta Quartz

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