#15630 XL Sunny Golden Healer DT Elestial Quartz
XL Sunny Golden Healer DT Elestial Quartz
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This is an extra-large (and a treasure find) 3 lb 4.5 oz 7.9” by 4.6” by 2.8” DT elestial quartz from Brazil. You can easily see why these are considered jacare (or alligator) quartz! The back is somewhat cloudy with silvery hematite inclusions and insets. The top side is glorious and sunny with golden healer … she is almost luminous! Her elestial terminations range from small to average and she has some nice glyphs as well. She has a flat elestial side and will self-stand on that side, offering a glorious view of that intense color! She has a few little dings here and there but nothing bothersome … she awaits your special altar or healing places!

Golden healers are incredible energy, perfect for personal use in creating an atmosphere for healing. This Spirit is awesome for a Healer having difficulty relating to the pain and suffering of the patient. I know that sounds strange as most healers are empathic by nature, but sometimes, the patient frustrates efforts to heal and the Healer loses patience or cannot understand why the patient clings to something that is causing pain and suffering. This Spirit opens the channels of communication and allows a deeper level of understanding, permitting the Healer to take an alternative or creative approach. She can be placed by the body of the patient or under the table at the Solar Plexus or Third Eye locations or used by the Healer in personal meditation as the Healer focuses on these issues. She is very energetic and eager to help.

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XL Sunny Golden Healer DT Elestial Quartz

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