#15633 Awesome Banded African Jade Plate
Awesome Banded African Jade Plate
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This came from a shipment of items from South Africa 15 years ago and this one really excited me – African jade! This is a 2 lb, 9 oz piece of rough, 5.3” by 3.2” by 2.3” and shades of green ranging from very light to medium. A large band of silvery black hematite passes through the center, adding wonderful contrast and energy. This band is a wave through the center, thin on the back and two blotches that look like stingrays in the surf! This is all in a matrix of mixed brown, tan and buff colors. Now African jade isn’t jade at all – it’s a misnomer and actually transval grossular garnet (also known as buddstone) – harder and nicer. This piece has an amazing crystalline musk, apparent when you handle him. The energies are earthy, yet profoundly heart and I know you will be as captivated as I was by this new crystalline friend!

There is a sense of transmutation about him - taking negative energies and restoring them to a healthful state. He is wonderful for heart, instilling a loving feeling, but a deeper, more committed love that flows from the Earth into the Source Self and totally encompasses your being. Blockages around the heart wear away and he helps you to truly feel your place in the Universe. He instills a sense of calm and belonging so that you now focus on why you are really here. He would be wonderful placed in a grid with rose quartz, tangerine quartz and ruby to reconnect you with your Source Self.

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Awesome Banded African Jade Plate

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