#15640 Dynamic Orange River Calico Quartz Cluster
Dynamic Orange River Calico Quartz Cluster
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This is a very unusual quartz cluster from the Orange River area of South Africa. She is 8.1 oz and 2.9” by 2.8” by 1.5” and is basically white quartz base studded with hematite-included tiny quartz crystals. Her points are basically red from hematite but the hematite has not deposited uniformly and some areas are brown, some are white and some are bright gold, giving a kind of crystalline calico look! She has a wonderful feel with her base resting neatly against the palm meridians. She sends splendid tingles of energy through your hand and is not too large for personal meditation and perfect for a small altar space.

This Spirit has a wonderful feel in addition to being absolutely eye-candy for your loupe! She teaches you to listen and carefully consider what is said – not in the sense of holding back feelings, but in expressing them appropriately and truly. She helps you to see both sides of an issue and in doing so, you open many opportunities for open and real communication – this sounds plain and simple, but sometimes, we just need those simple lessons to set us right. She is a wondrous Spirit!

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Dynamic Orange River Calico Quartz Cluster

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