#15662 Pocket Speckled Elestial "Stealth Amethyst" – Spiritual Path
Pocket Speckled Elestial Stealth Amethyst – Spiritual Path
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This is a very unusual “stealth” amethyst from Brazil … he has a smoky look until backlit and you see the terminal apex with the rich amethyst! Otherwise he is a light smoky with polka dots of hematite and a bit of calcite that enhance his old soul look and adds a bit of other color. His base has healed into a number of milky terminations making him a stealth DT as well and his sides undulate with Lemurian lines. His faces are a treasure trove of very intricate glyphs that demand a loupe to see well. He is 1.1 oz and 1.7” by 1” by 1.1” and has only a few teeny dings.

I love the undulations of this Spirit – they readily accommodate the hand and they give him a perfectly marvelous hand feel as he nests into the palm. Hematite and amethyst are a heaven and earth combination in that the hematite is grounding and connected to the core Self. The amethyst, barest of the barest blush though it is, integrates the ethereal and pulls the energy upward in a natural spiral manner, fully activating all your Chakras. This Spirit is for a Keeper on a Spiritual path and who has had difficulty getting started, perhaps one questioning the validity of the path. He will assist your efforts and keep you balanced, aligned and on course. Use him in personal meditation and in grids to provide that critical focus and gentle progress. You will find him a wondrous companion and a delight to share his energies!

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Pocket Speckled Elestial “Stealth Amethyst” – Spiritual Path

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