#15664 Rainbow-Jewel Russian Apophyllite with Tourmaline
Rainbow-Jewel Russian Apophyllite with Tourmaline
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This wondrous apophyllite is an utterly amazing and light-filled single crystal with intense energy from Dal’negorsk, Russia weighing 1.1 oz and measuring 1.4” by 1.05” by 1.15”. She is a nice DT with etchings and glyphs and lots of squarish record keepers. Plus she has several areas of black tourmaline accompanying the minute apophyllite-druse-lined keys at the base. Her silvery color is accented with glorious little rainbows that really create a jewel quality within her! I am astounded, amazed and in awe of the beauty of this Spirit and the wonder of her special energy.

This is part of a shipment of wonderful crystals from Russia and I have to admit to being totally ga-ga even years after unpacking the first one! I truly love the intensity of this Spirit – a study in contrasts. The black tourmaline provides protection and grounding while apophyllite asserts elements of the higher Self that spawn discovery and intuition. The rainbow is symbolic of the process we go through in setting up a communication with our Higher Self. It begins with the physical, often with a profound healing challenge such as a serious illness or accident. In the healing process, we learn that we are more than our physical Self and begin to expand our mind in order to facilitate the healing. As we grow in our abilities, our Higher Self gains a larger voice and activates much more easily. This is the Self that guides and nurtures – that teaches us to trust those “voices” inside that some call “gut feeling” or intuition. This Spirit teaches us to truly feel with our heart and speak with the truth of the Soul!

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Rainbow-Jewel Russian Apophyllite with Tourmaline

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