#15665 Rare Tangerose Quartz Starbrary with Red Chlorite
Rare Tangerose Quartz Starbrary with Red Chlorite
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This is a 2.5 oz, 2” by 1.8” by 1.4” tangerose quartz from Brazil. She is definitely a bit red, with a large patch of hematite stained (“red”) chlorite around the base and edges. She is basically a crystal “crown”, separated from the main crystal eons ago and totally healed with a shallow key at one edge. These quartz were isolated to a single find among tangerine quartz from the Diamantina mines, except rather than that juicy orange color, they were shades of coral and rose. These crystals were named ‘Cristal da Rosa’ (aka ‘Rosies’ as my dear friend Jenny – crystallinespirit – nicknamed them.) Hematite, in its wondrous flexibility of expression, has given them their unique color and altered their energies. In any case, the mine has since played out and closed, so no more of these luscious Spirits are available. But as the mine got deeper and deeper, the color likewise became deeper and these tangerose that leaned towards red were the very last of the crystals out of the mine! These were mixed in with a flat of the tangerose and oh, are they different! They have all the wonderful starbrary markings and glyphs, although the patterns are somewhat different and more subtle. It gives her an incredible look and feel and creates impressive markings on her sides and faces. She only has tiny dings and is totally wonderful!

The energies of this Spirit are quite different in many ways from the tangerose. She is direct, intense and fiercely protective – fierce. It’s as if she summoned up all that you are in all of its intensity and wondrous expressions throughout all of your lives and instilled them within you in a way that you could access. Now, this is a courageous thing – make no mistake. None of us have lived all of our lives in a manner that we would be proud of – we all have lives in which we were murders, abusers, thieves, rapists, harlots, etc. But through all time, we have chosen to experience this side as well as the one of Light Worker, Healer, professional, leader, etc. It shows the yin and yang of our true Spirit core in which we empirically ascertain that to experience the Light, you must first know darkness. This is a very uncomfortable, albeit critical, aspect of our Self and she helps her Keeper to embrace all the aspects for who/what they were – lessons. I have visited my Self in different times and it’s fascinating – you see through different eyes and lose the filter and interpretation of the current time. These tangerose red Spirits are critical to those on a light path who need the perspective and the knowledge in order to fully understand who they are. She is a vital and integral assistant in that quest.

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Rare Tangerose Quartz Starbrary with Red Chlorite

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