#15667 Sort of Weird Light of the Ancients Smoky Etched Aricuai Quartz Scepter
Sort of Weird Light of the Ancients Smoky Etched Aricuai Quartz Scepter
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This is a somewhat strange light smoky scepter quartz (actually double scepter) from Aricuai, Brazil. He is 2.2 oz and 2.6” by 2.1” by 1” and utterly fills with light! He is rather flattened looking and actually double terminated but the extent of his etching makes it a bit hard to tell. There has been a secondary growth of quartz (which created the scepters) and those faces are glossy and show his true inner clarity. His faces hold subtle and holographic glyphs ... he is a glowing and stunning Light with a few very tiny dings!

If you consider how a scepter forms in nature, it is a natural crystal of quartz upon which another crystal has formed. So the first becomes the rod and the second the head. They are the ultimate phantom and manifestor, hence the association with power. The power they provide is not worldly and it is not related to wealth, control or politics. Instead, it is truly a manifestation of the power of Self – becoming and being ALL that you can be from every perspective. In every regard, the growth of this rare crystal mirrors the changes that we each must undergo in order to achieve a high level of Spiritual advancement and achievement.

This Spirit glows with a light that seems to rise from within, ancient and wise. He has a gentleness to his energy that seems to fulfill the Self, allowing the manifestation of the most brilliant of expressions. He is indeed for a Light Worker coming into Self power and dealing with the intense issues associated with the feelings. He helps his Keeper understand power that matters: power of Self, power of Now and power of the All That Is. With the base understanding of the interrelatedness of it all, there is a completion and deep comprehension of role. He is beyond a doubt a power crystal and a treasure beyond value.

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Sort of Weird Light of the Ancients Smoky Etched Aricuai Quartz Scepter

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