#15679 Unusual Sacred-Spirit Quartz with Hematite and Jeweled Epidote
Unusual Sacred-Spirit Quartz with Hematite and Jeweled Epidote
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When I opened the box containing crystals from this shipment, I almost fell over – they sat there like little jewels in glittering colors of violet, emerald green and white! In spite of how she might first appear, she is vibrant clear quartz from China with an abundance of bright green crystals of epidote displayed like green flowers all over the cluster … and a few inside. Her base is fully terminated with teeny terminations that glitter as you turn her in the light and there are lovely reddish-russet areas of hematite. You must explore her with a loupe to see the hematite phantoms and those included epidote crystals – jewel-like and gorgeous, she is an extraordinary inner landscape! She weighs 1.3 oz and measures 2.6” by 1.1” by 0.7” and you will be astounded with her amazing blend of color and energy … and most definitely loupe-worthy. There are some very teeny-tiny dings, but in no way do they affect her incredible beauty and her sacred energy!

When I first held this little cluster, I was overwhelmed by the feeling of Spirit that I felt – Sacred Spirit! She is the divine expression of All That Is – hematite for the physical, epidote for the emotional, white for the Spiritual and clear quartz for the Ethereal! She shows us that no matter what Spiritual endeavors we have, we must retain a relationship to our core Self or we gain little ground. Her phantoms show that the Self is throughout every incarnation and is the thread that crosses time and space. The glitter of those phantoms reminds us that we too sparkle in our true expression, as long as we allow that expression freely, truly and joyfully! She is a perfect size for personal meditation and if there was one crystal you need for meditation, she is the one! She brings it all together so that you feel complete and at peace with your Self as well as All That Is! Feel the joy!

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Unusual Sacred-Spirit Quartz with Hematite and Jeweled Epidote

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