#15683 Amazing Prismatic Tibetan Scepter with Teeny Manifestors
Amazing Prismatic Tibetan Scepter with Teeny Manifestors
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This is an amazing 6.9 gram scepter quartz from Tibet, 1.25" by 0.5" by 0.5". His scepter rod as healed over and he is incredibly clear with a few silver shields. And with a loupe, you’ll see some tiny manifestors. There are some tiny dings, but generally he is in excellent condition!

The energy of this crystal is both male and female, although more predominantly male and suggests a balance - a fine example of the Yin/Yang expression. Every one of us has “typical” male and female characteristics, regardless of our true sex. For instance, the logic of the “male” seeks the feeling of the “female” for balance. In ancient times, the Shaman was often described as “androgynous”, in perfect balance with the male and female sides and only in that perfect balance, did they draw their true power. This Spirit definitely teaches that ALL must be in balance and will assist his Keeper in attaining that balance, to express TRUE power. He is an extraordinary crystal for the Shaman as his etchings also provide scrying abilities to complement his other gifts.

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Amazing Prismatic Tibetan Scepter with Teeny Manifestors

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