#15690 Clustered, Palest Pink Angel Song Peruvian Quartz Flower Bouquet
Clustered, Palest Pink Angel Song Peruvian Quartz Flower Bouquet
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This is actually a really different 10.2 oz quartz flower, 3.5” by 2.8” by 2.8” and the palest, most delicate shade of pale pink with some “flowers” edged in toast! The color is most intense (in that is the palest form of intense) at her tiny terminations and believe me, the pink is only a slight-slight blush. She is entirely milky and a glittering series of small, glittering, shimmering, elestial terminations that terraces her clustered crystals into a fist-sized “bouquet”. Her flower-like terminations emanate from a bit of Mother Earth matrix, deftly showing the “ground” that spawned her growth. I wouldn’t call her a lightbrary, but she has that general appearance … more like a Peruvian Lovestar. She has a light, calcite to her somewhat flattened back and she literally sings when she is handled! When I saw these at my suppliers, my first instinct was that they should be fluorescent – and they are! A little ultraviolet (black light) and she glows pink that fades to a dark gold as the light is removed! Her entire demeanor is angelic and her energies are beyond compare – she is love personified and a perfect size for your small altar spaces!

When you look at this beautiful crystalline ‘rose’, she seems to be unfolding from a slender stem. I liken her to the Archangel Chamuel likened a flame, bound to his beloved consort, Charity. This Spirit is indeed two large main spires with a host of smaller ones cascading before them: adoration, gratitude and tenderness. Her song is clear and wakens the heart with a sweetness that is beyond compare. When we embrace the Angel of the Pink Ray, we are closest to that Divine Love that is humankind’s greatest gift and resource. She helps know that in all that we do, when our heart is open wide, we share this Divine Love and perpetuate it forever. What a blessing!

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Clustered, Palest Pink Angel Song Peruvian Quartz Flower Bouquet

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