#15715 Playful Otter Amethyst Totem Quartz
Playful Otter Amethyst Totem Quartz
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This is a sort of a wand-shaped and undulating Spirit from Brazil and a truly unusual amethyst with smoky tinges. This one is 4.2 oz and 3.5” by 1.5” by 1.5”. Her sides are opalescent and one of the faces is polished and three others are partially polished (there was originally a talc-like mineral there that made the termination fragile, so the miners gently polished it off) and the remainder of her is reminiscent of the changeling. Although slightly smoky, the termination glows with purple light concentrated at her edges. She is somewhat like an ice cream cone and the tip is heavily etched, giving her a bit of an old soul look. She has a series of wondrous glyphs on her sides and unpolished faces (and she has a nice Isis face) and as I worked with her, the undulating energies spoke to me as Otter energy … fluid, flexible and full of joy and love! She is meant for a most special Keeper!

Otter energy is feminine, playful, joyful and yet very aware. Otter lives in the Now, and still is cognizant of Life’s demands. She knows when to work and when to play and she is diligent with each. Otters are a fascination to me and have been lucky to see them at play in an autumn lake. I have seen them as a group, create a slide in the snow and enjoy the splash-down into the frigid water … and even come up with a fish! And, once while on a run, three otter pups came out of the water to observe me more closely … while mom and dad watched carefully from the water’s edge! The pups checked me out and then returned to their play in the water! Otter is a great proponent of the importance of balance and has an uncanny intuition about things … mom and dad knew I meant no harm. This is an incredible Spirit for seeking and finding your own truth, and the balance in that truth, so crucial to your Spiritual journey.

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Playful Otter Amethyst Totem Quartz

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